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I am a consultant, speaker and storyteller who is passionate about helping others. I have my Bachelor of Science and Social Work degrees and I’ve worked for government for 22 years. I love my job!! I get the opportunity to sit with parents and listen to their experiences; mentor and coach staff to be the best they can be; speak to a class of students about relationships; and then create the resources and training materials that are valuable and user friendly to them. I’m grateful everyday to do a job I love … and have some fun doing it. THAT’S why I started up my consulting business, to bring my passion and creativity to you.

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International Speaker & Trainer

Wow. I have been incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to share my experience and knowledge around the globe. I’m changing the world one city at a time, from hometown Winnipeg to San Antonio Texas, from London England to Melbourne Australia … whether it is speaking to a classroom of grade 12 students about relationships or teaching social workers about best practice, I bring joy and enthusiasm every time I speak.

Screenwriter & Producer

I love a great story. Along with developing and producing a number of animated videos and short films, my next venture will be a docuseries. What drives me is taking real content and telling a real story …. with a little humour and some provocation sprinkled in.

Author & Resource Developer

My specialty is identifying the learning gap and then creating learning materials to fill that gap, streamlining it into something that is engaging and efficient. Some different examples include: presentations & courses, illustrations & graphics and instructional videos. The resource that touches my heart the most is the children’s storybook which I wrote and published … which helps children to not feel so alone. My next book is in progress, stay tuned.

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Jack, Marley and Sophie are three children who welcome the reader into their club of families who’ve experienced domestic violence. By sharing their personal experiences they want other children to know that there are other families like theirs, that they are not alone, that it’s not their fault and that it helps to tell a trusted adult. A note to parents and caregivers is included to help the adults in providing the key things that children need to heal… safety, stability, to tell their story, nurturance and guidance.

What People Said ….

“I loved it! This is something kids should always know”

Logan Jardine, 9 years old

“Domestic violence within a home is an incredibly impactful event for a child. The one place they should feel safe is made unsafe by the people they trust most, their family. This book enables children who experience this to know they are not alone, that the experience is different for each family and where and who they can turn to for help”

D/Sgt Susan Desjardine, Winnipeg Police Services

My Not so Perfect Family is a very perfect book for children who are trying to make sense of domestic violence. We mistakenly refer to children in homes with domestic violence as ‘witnesses’ implying distance and separation from the violence. Rhonda Dagg’s book captures the fullness of children’s experience including the impact of the abuse, their own direct victimization, and their ambivalent feelings about perpetrating parents. Rounded out with practical advise for parents and children, this book should be part of the toolkit of every professional working with children impacted by domestic violence perpetrators”

David Mandel, Founder and CEO, Safe and Together Institute

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#nomoresecrets204 … The Platform

The Platform…. promoting change. We shine the light on domestic violence with a social media platform we created for survivors. We are a small but passionate group of social workers who work with families affected by domestic violence. We have seen first hand the impact on children and families and are doing our part to break the silence. Together, we can end domestic violence … check us out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

@nomoresecrets204 https://www.facebook.com/holly.rhonda.129

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